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Trek Report

The trek was a trully unforgetable "experience of a lifetime". We were the first ever British charity trekking group in Tibet quite literally 'blazing the trail'.

It was also a massive logistical excecrcise: 36 participants from four charities, two British leaders, two Chinese guides, two Tibetan guides, over 40 yaks, 4 horses, 16 local yak drivers, 18 small 2-person tents, 4 big, communal tents, enldess bags of supplies, stoves, gas cylinders, oxygen bottles, dozens of eggs etc.

We marched for four days covering the distance of nearly 50 km and in the process going over 2000 metres up and 2500 metres down...

The highest point recorded on Theo's altimeter was nearly 5,300 m asl (17,500 ft). We braved the hail and snow, frost and the scorching sun.

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The author on approach to
the Chatur La pass

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