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I am Andrew Zemek and I live in West London (Ealing). In mid-May I'll be turning fifty. The quote from the Dalai Lama you read on the first page inspired me to do something unusual for my birthday - give rather than receive. Reflect on life in the solitude of Tibet.

I decided to raise funds for charity - one pound for each year of my life - £18,263 in total. I selected MENCAP - a UK charity helping people with learning disabilities. My wife has worked for many years in a special school in Northolt caring for children with such disabilities. This is my way of contributing a bit to the smile on their faces.

In my professional life I am a mining consultant. I love photography, hiking in the mountains, biking and reading about other cultures. In 2002 I raised funds for MENCAP by taking part in a 400 km bike ride in China (see more on a dedicated website). You may also find out more about my traing for the trek on this page.

Please give generously. You hould see the smile on the faces of children whose life your money is changing.

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(C) AP Zemek